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Sandys HVAC:

Dedicated support for all your heating & cooling equipment needs.

Sandys HVAC Sales Associates, LLC is here to help mechanical engineers, mechanical contractors, architects and more to get optimal support for new constructions, retrofits and replacement parts for all your commercial heating and cooling needs.

We represent the top product lines of the leaders in HVAC equipment and components manufacturing, so you can be sure we’ll provide unmatched quality every step of the way to each customer across Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Whether you’re just considering your HVAC options, needing a reasonable HVAC equipment quote or looking for reliable HVAC equipment startup support, Sandys HVAC Sales Associates, LLC is committed to being your trusted HVAC sales and service provider in the Toledo area.

Our Manufacturer Lines

Breathe easy, because we’ve got just what you need. Sandys HVAC can provide replacement parts, along with equipment startup and service, for many commercial HVAC manufacturers, including:

Looking for parts from a manufacturer not listed?
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About Us

Sandys HVAC Sales Associates, LLC has 30 years’ experience as an HVAC equipment provider. From supporting manufacturers we represent to meeting the heating and cooling needs of end users, we’ve always been committed to providing high-quality HVAC support to mechanical contractors and engineers, as well as architects and more, here in the Toledo area.

As principal owner, Tim Sandys strives to provide the same level of expertise and reliability in the HVAC industry as he did while serving as the President of our predecessor, Sandys & Associates, and as an HVAC representative for over three decades.

Our office manager, Christine Brunner, has 32 years of experience running and managing an HVAC representative firm and providing customer support for part replacement needs.


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